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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The girl from the past: Claudia Cardinale

It seems impossible, but in the life of Claudia Cardinale - sex symbol of the 60s, there was a time when she thought herself quite frankly not that ugly, and even ugly. It took some time to get the next great actress and one of the greatest beauties of his time to believe that other people really admire her.
Claude Jos├ęphine Rose Cardinale was born in 1938 in Tunisia. Her parents were ordinary Italians who moved to another country in search of a better life. In a family of four grown children who were raised in severity. During adolescence, when most journal photo beautiful women dream about a handsome prince or stellar life, Claudia gave herself seriously studying and going to become a teacher. On the high-profile roles, millions of fans at this time she does not even dreamed of.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to leave with a Russian girl

When you feel that love was not worth torturing neither himself nor his - it's time to leave. Unfortunately, like in our world are not uncommon, so the ability to nicely end the relationship, may be useful to any girl. If love is cool, do not have to be an unloved man out of pity, of that you both will suffer. It's time to give up without a scandal, and spite, to turn the page and start a new life of a Russian girl.

If you are sure that this relationship in the past, get ready for a break in advance with a Russian girl. Gather all the things that you can even take away a part of in advance, so that all could take at a time. And double-check everything carefully so as not had in some time to come back for something forgotten. Tell us about parting is better not to on the phone and in person. First, it would be more honest, and secondly, a partner rather believe that all the Russian girls seriously.

Even if you quit, not you, tear-term relationship is very sick and need some time to come to a Russian girl. While you're at a hundred percent sure of his action, the years lived together, are still long enough to recall his acute sense of loss. Remember that to whom you have left is much harder and not to aggravate his sufferings. It makes no sense to him to express their grievances, blaming the fact that love has passed on, and if you leave him for another man, he should not talk about it (at least for now).

Once made the decision to leave, then stick to it firmly. Try to eliminate the possibility of random encounters. It is even possible for some time off from companies where you could meet. Do not respond to his calls. Suppose that it is impolite, but he soon realizes that all the death between you and the past can not be returned.

Most likely to cope with this stress, try to lead an active life. More chat with friends, often go out into the light. Come up with a some interesting hobby that requires physical activity - swimming pool, horseback riding, etc. Gradually, your life will get better, the old relationship will be forgotten and you're ready for a new one.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thinking Russian women differ from men

1. Attention! Russian women are more pronounced the words, but does not use. These are different things. Distorting them, feminists want to make a substitution of notions, as it may seem that the vocabulary and the vocabulary of women's wealthier men, although the opposite is true. If Elochka of the "12 chairs" can not for one second to cover your mouth with just a few dozen words, it does not mean that it has a rich vocabulary.
2. I would say otherwise - "boils when trying to think."
3. A very unusual and bizarre explanation for the fact that women laugh and giggle themselves throughout the story jokes, but are silent in the end. Just can not understand - how to measure "pleasure from the process of presentation, from the subtleties of humor in general" - is unclear. And as a woman can get more pleasure from the interchange if the meaning of anecdote is not caught, since the whole point of the anecdote be to ensure that in the end, comparing and comparing all heard, people enjoyed and laughed.
4. And here you should be especially ashamed. What is the organizer of the woman? The best test of managerial ability is war. If women have better organizational skills, then the head of all the troops they were. But the history will not argue. When the female starts checking capabilities of the history itself, is always a 'passage as plywood to Paris. " And finally, try to answer to yourself, why do we never hear about that woman entrusted with one of the safest, but at the same time, the responsible Minister - to stand on guard?
5. Frequent error. Quite simply, men are often intentionally do not pay attention to the intonation, and why? When we need it, then we are all fine catch. As for hearing, you know a lot of women composers? Are they more than men? And in fact possess the most excellent composers hearing. That's the same ...
6. On the contrary, a man as time takes it fully, it instantly analyzes, and discards irrelevant information on the long lines of memory, so it is always necessary when this information can be returned to the front. Women find it hard to comprehend the meaning expounded, it truncates the data to an acceptable level of primitive (that's why so few women philosophers). Yes, the information it stores, but that's to use it at the right time may not always work. Her brain is packed with everything they got. And when she needed to take advantage of it and wants to, but not always. It's like a well-known expression - hears the sound, but does not know where he is.
7. By nature women are gullible and cowardly, in one word - broody. The final legal authority for them anyway are men, and this despite the fact that now, unfortunately, "Babskii" era. In addition, rather than engage in real, constructive and useful, they prefer the useless chatter. And if they do not believe a senseless chatter of all, you are angry and irritated. Where is washed away, where is the logic?
8. I do not know, do you imagine that going down the road dressed lady suddenly stopped and clutched to his chest the ball? Honestly, the author clearly lacks relevance.
That's it basically. In my opinion, the main difference between men from women - the adequacy and reality. We do not distort the facts, not trying to lead you astray and of itself. Needless to say that the sky is red, if it is blue. There are undeniable truths. We must simply accept and move on, nature will not deceive!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why do foreigners marry the Russian?

In the west, due to the low child and youth mortality, the male dominates the female population.
In the past, that is, when the Iron Curtain, they are for the wives went far, far away .. In Indonesia, the Philippines and even in Africa.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, they have blown the head of the Russian ...
I've only met two weeks ago with the guys in the train, he heard that I speak in Russian, has stuck with me:
-What a pleasure to speak in Russian, I lived many years in Russia, like Russia (probably a spy?)
and so on, is shorter than 20 minutes before we went to my station, he told how he likes Russia.
- And how do you Russian women - I asked.
He just closed his eyes and said dreamily:
- Oh, Russian women are very beautiful!
The fact that many consider kitsch: Battle makeup, tight T-shirts with bare navel, heels, shorter than all the attributes of bad taste, the men that actually do not know, and many just like it when a woman dressed as ...
It would not have said that the men kept to the west, especially recently, when there is too much sexual advertising, they, too, as well as Russian as the chain broke down!
I am here not long ago a couple of months ago, met with one (do not even know how to say it?) Well, let's say a female.
She is from Indonesia, the growth it would not be half a meter, this orangutan as a child, the Dutchman that married her six-foot giant, saw pictures of their wedding, she told him exactly are, even their Indonesian crown does not work, just a micro-frau.
He brought her to Holland, but here you do not have Java, cold, he took her in a cheap shoe store:
-You, dear boots to buy, and then cold.
Apparently took the first available, which seemed to him a little less,
-For example, do not shake?
No, - replied - not too tight!
So she bought a size 41 boots, if he is small, then by his logic, it is just in time to be.
And she walks in those boots, as a little man with a nail in daddy's coat and mittens. Laugh or cry! She's all my life except the shale was not wearing anything ...
Take these are a submissive wife and enjoy life ... They're taking them for convenience, not for the great love ...
And with the Russian does not go well, those who are guided by the principle get their hands on a submissive slave, cruelly disappointed ...
They are constantly arguing that they are emancipated western wife, had no idea that the emancipation of the Soviet Union came much earlier than in Europe.
Already in the 30 years women have worked in full, we were kindergartens, nurseries, women hold leadership positions, a Russian woman for life, and commanded her husband and children and money, giving directions.
Remember Pushkin:
- ... The maids beat angry, all this without asking her husband.

Friday, June 15, 2012

sexy russian girls pics

- Do not worry, lady. Just boss got scared. Mr. Balboa has promised to spread the firm L chips.
Rachel forced herself to smile.
- My husband just threatened, but never carries out his threats.
The technician smiled.
- Well, times have I come, let me see the engine. Then my boss immediately notify Mr. Balboa, it's all right.
He took a step toward the basement.
- Oh, do not worry - Raquel said, - there was a misunderstanding on my fault. So stupid! I pressed the wrong button.
The man took the bag from his shoulder.
- When it comes to my work, there can be no question of concern.
- I'm sorry, but at the moment it's inconvenient - eloquently said Raquel. - I'm tired and going to bed. Please, wait a minute.
With these words russian women left the hall, went up to the bedroom, took out her purse five hundred francs. Downstairs, she again heard a thud.
Clenching his teeth, Raquel made a serene face.
- Here, take it - she said, handing money to college Thank you for coming. I myself call her husband and all he can explain. Can not notify him.
The man stared at the bill.
- Thank you, Madam ...
Then his eyes moved to the basement door.
- This is a friend of mine at the bottom of doing something to me - explained Raquel, and opened the door.
- If you say that everything is all right, madam ...
- Yeah, yeah, do not worry. He went out in the cold.
- Good night, my lady, and once again thank you. Only the technician closed the door, as Rachel will hear crackling russian women break trees.
She clenched her fists. Pablo got out of his room.
With bated breath, she russian women on the basement door, in-
Experts chest. Does it stand? ,
- Pablo, get away from the door! - She cried. - This is your last chance. Get away or I'll call Henry.
- He is not here - he said - you can not fool me. I know that he went to Basel. Open or broken doors!

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Rang the porter of the hotel "Eden."
- Mrs. Balboa, for you to get "telex."
- Read.
- It is from Mr. Balboa. "Briefed the firm on the need for repair heating. They promised to do tonight. I would not want to postpone the trip. Please let me when you're done. "
Raquel turned pale.
- Read again, ma'am?
- No, thanks, I'll understand. Thank you notified me.
She hung up.
The hall began to beat the old clock, bought Aloi Thus, for six thousand dollars, Rachel looked at his wrist watch. It was half past nine. Opening of the Hall were antique thing and went wrong.
After reading the "telex" husband, Raquel has not been able to come up with nothing and now sat waiting for ma-cluster temperature of heating. Gradually she began to feel that he has not come. At the bottom was no longer hear the knocking. Vero russian women, its threat worked. Raquel was smoking one cigarette after another, and pulled a cocktail.
She went to the window and parted the curtains to get rid of-the feeling of loneliness. The distant lighthouse on the lake and the red lights on the television mast at the top of the mountain have convinced her that she is not alone in this world.
Suddenly a noise was heard driving up the car. Rachel looked out the window. The house stood the snow-covered " russian women" and out came a man with a working bag over his shoulder.
Rachel ran to the door and opened it. In the hallway, eager for an icy wind. She had no idea that so coldly, and immediately thought of Henry.
- Krause, Technician Heating, - introduced her husband-rank. He has appeared on the face of surprise when it smelled the house with warm air. - Do you like me to russian women, the problem.
- Come, - invited him to Rachel.
He entered, and she closed the door behind him.
- I am very sorry that Mr. Balboa called you. When I arrived, I was able to turn the heat right away. A russian women ... Now it works.

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- Sorry, can not help you, dear, but I'm already convinced that you have good secretary.
With that she hung up.
When she moved away from the phone, it has been wet la Dhoni. I wonder if she managed to persuade Pamela? Her voice, at least, was calm, though anxious. Perhaps she believed Rachel.
The woman lit a cigarette and looked at his watch. It was about four. She thought of long hours of solitude, which it expected. It should be, Henry is now on his way to Basel. If only he had not had an accident! But Raquel calmed himself, Henry was an excellent driver.
Thoughts turned to Raquel Martinez, locked up in the basement. Thank God, the room was light and heating. What is he thinking now? Does he realize that they russian women forge his signature?
In the end, "Martinez himself led them to the idea. When thinking about how to beat him savagely, Henry, Rachel shuddered.
Is it true that he has a bad heart, or is it just a bluff? Pablo has always been a bright head, and he is easily able to bluff to win something. Perhaps it was the same this time.
Rachel looked at the big room, and asked myself, how to kill time until the return of Henry. She turned on the TV. Long-haired young man yelled into the microphone. Rachel re-key on the German channel. There's a fat man was giving a lecture on education. She tried an Italian russian women: on-screen grid to set on fire. Raquel you-key TV.
She was nervously pacing the room. Beginning to-net. The sun was setting behind the mountain peaks.
The snow is no longer falling. Nothing to do Raquel lowered the curtain and walked into the bedroom.
Cleaned in your cozy room, she thought that Henry would return from a trip to the hungry. It will be necessary to his arrival, something from the fridge to defrost.
In the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and stood in front of unsolved-sequence packets of food. In the end, Rachel chose pork fillet with roast and package russian women. Then put food on the kitchen table.
Coming out of the kitchen, russian women stopped. Her heart sank. The bottom of the basement heard heavy blows.